About us

In response to the outline of the “national 13th five-year plan for cultural development reform”, we support the creation and production of excellent cultural products, as it reflects the spirit of Chinese culture, we develop and expand the main body of cultural market and promote the construction of cultural market, we will also promote the popularization of excellent traditional culture in Jiangsu, and create a "strategy for the export of Jiangsu culture and tourism products" with service culture, tourism creativity and Internet industry as the main bodies. Changzhou Rongshang Zhitou Culture-Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading cross-border e-commerce specializing in foreign trade and e-commerce platforms. We have the new foreign trade business model of “foreign trade +internet” and strong technical research, according to the software platform sharing and the opening of its own trading platform, it has strong technical research and development strength. Our team have both doctoral and master degree personnel and also introduce talented person from Google, Microsoft, Tencent and well-known domestic Internet companies. The company adheres to the concept of “creating, selling, and dividing money”, truly helping Chinese traditional culture and tourism products to establish international recognition and brands .The development of the enterprise and the new foreign trade service platform won the recognition of the same industry. In the“2017 China-Latin America International Service Trade (Outsourcing) Innovation and Development Summit Forum” held in Zhuhai in November 2017, it won the honor of “2017 China Service Trade (Outsourcing) Best Innovation Platform Award and won “ Identification of provincial-level mass creation space” in 2017.

 The Jiangsu Cultural & Tourism Products Cross-border Trade Center website is an online platform for the special event “Jiangsu Culture and Tourism Products Going Global”. The event is planned to be guided by the Jiangsu Provincial Culture Department and the Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Department. Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Association is the organizer. Changzhou Culture and broadcas Bureau, Changzhou Tourism Bureau, Changzhou Propaganda Department, Changzhou Creative Industry Base Management Committee is the co-organizer. Animation Art Week Organizing Committee, Changzhou Rongshang Zhitou Culture-Technology Co., Ltd. is the organizer.

Under the designation of the Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Association, Changzhou Rongshang Zhitou Culture-Technology Co., Ltd. established the “Jiangsu Cultural and Tourism Products Cross-border Trade Center Website” for “Jiangsu Culture and Tourism Products Going Global” and designated as the website’s operator, the website provides a fast-growing platform for large, medium and small cultural & tourism enterprises and products dedicated to the development of foreign trade. All members of Jiangsu Cultural Association and other cultural enterprises and products will enter Jiangsu culture & tourism products trade center website.

 Jiangsu Cultural and Tourism Products Cross-border Trade Center website will go out around cultural and tourism products, truly promote culture & tourism products in Jiangsu Province and enter the international market , it will serve as a bridge and then Jiangsu culture & tourism products get more attention internationally.